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At the same time critical and demanding field of courier and communication quick and immediate receipt and handling all kinds mission in Thessaloniki, in Greece and around the world is what makes the HAC stand and play a leading role in the field of courier.

The HAC has developed a nationwide network 100 dealers and in conjunction with the most authoritative Courier foreign companies has a global network 250 Member.

Employees and partners Hellenic Air Courier is specialized and trained properly to burn even the most difficult and adverse conditions, to cope directly with the aim of faster and secure your service.

The HAC can carry speed, safely and responsibly, a document up to heavy industrial products worldwide.

Our extensive cooperation with 6500 customers proves the reliability and the upward trend of our company that aims to become the Leader in the courier industry.

The Hellenic Air Courier develops and continuously expands its capabilities, the rapidly evolving field of Courier to provide the services and solutions you want.

E.E.T.T: AM 01-243